The SPOOFqueens

Erin and Vickie, better known online as the " SPOOFqueens" are a comedy duo from Canada. They dont have many videos as they are still newer on yotube, but the videos are all great. Their videos are  a hilarious blend of sketch comedy and spoofs. The SPOOFqueens's latest video is a spoof of the hit song "Dont Trust Me" by 3OH!3 entitled "Don't Eat Play-Doh".
I have to say the video is one of the best 3OH!3 spoofs online and I dont see that changing anytime soon.
In conclusion I think that the SPOOFqueens are a great up and coming Duo and I cant wait to see their progression in the world of youtube and we are proud to have them as our first feature
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Uber Awesome Show

We recieved a friend request on our youtube channel from UberAwesomeShow. After we checked out a few of their videos we knew it was feature material. Mikey, Andrew, and Jake make up the "UAS" crew. Their videos are random and exciting to say the least. You never know what to expect when they upload a new video. While their videos are made more for the teen demographic eveyone will find somthing they like about these videos.